Anti-Gravity Bunny REVIEW – Sonora


This underrated dude is quickly proving to be one of my favorites in the current drone world. His newest outing comes from the appropriately named Cathedral Transmissions, and it’s a fuckin grand slam of a record, with four long pieces (ranging from 11 to 18 minutes) of gorgeously minimal drone, that wavers between modern classical and flat out hypno-wave tones, tossing in some field recording-esque texture, this thing goes all the way to the depths of your soul and just chills, hovering inside you while the thick warm hum smothers your every fiber, and the last (longest) song is almost like Basinski doing an ambient techno track, with the beats stretched wayyyy out and super fuckin murky, it’s fucking incredible, Mahoney wields subtlety & patience with such perfection it’s like he’s been doing this forever, but he’s only got a handful of releases and a bunch of one-offs on various comps & podcasts & such. Hopefully that’ll change soon because he clearly deserves the attention. And Sonorais wonderfully packaged in a cardboard envelope with artwork by JESSICA BELL on the front. Super sweet. Super limited (45 copies). Definitely worth adding to your collection.

UPDATE: Looks like this one’s already sold out. Sorry about that. But there’s alwaysDIGITAL, and it’s a fuckin steal at £2.

Decoder Magazine REVIEW – Sonora

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 8.45.26 AM

D. Burke Mahoney has only releasing music for a year or so now, but the Toronto, Ontario-resident’s meager but growing discography promises a long and rewarding career in the drone game. Sonora, released late-April on Cathedral Transmissions before quickly selling out, hosts four extended tracks of deep desolation, mixing the cold and austere demeanor of industrial resonance with the high-concept and -execution generally perpetrated by Jacob Kirkegaard, Philip Jeck, or B.J. Nilsen. But the approach and dark demeanor carry a much more sinister slant normally associated with the likes of expansive, largely guitar-based explorations charted by High Aura’d or a less doom-focused Nadja. Three of the four tracks distill frostbitten tones, ambient noise and mechanical hums, and Oren Ambarchi-style floating low-ends, wallowing in a sullen loch of cerebral, melancholic drone. “Cox Bay” is a surprising standout here, smearing out its blissful tones and tape-hiss-marauding-as-organic-noise into an extended meditation of fluid sound. If there’s one thing Mahoney has already mastered, it’s the reward of patience and letting each tone sprawl at will, filling each corner with warmly lethargic sound. Although it’s already sold out from the source, you can stream/download Sonora below or by visiting Cathedral Transmissions’ Bandcamp.

Static Movements on Aetheric Records

New 3 track album out on UK-based label Aetheric records.

Comes in a cardboard mailer sleeve with two paper stickers and a pin badge.

Sonora on Cathedral Transmissions

Sonora is an album of long form ambient drones full of subtle evolving sonic textures.
Limited edition lightscribed cdr in a recycled card envelope with a glossy photo sleeve. Includes red card and tracing paper inserts.
Available at Cathedral Transmissions

Radio Libertaire


My piece Fading Signals(Dead Air) from Radius Episode 47 will be featured in a special late night edition of the Endless Tape radio program on EPSILONIA Radio Libertaire (89.4-FM) in Paris, France.

Radio Libertaire (89.4-FM) is the radio station of the Anarchist Federation broadcasting from Paris since 1981.

The Endless Tape program broadcasts on Friday, February 07 at 12am – 9am CET on Radio Libertaire (89.4-FM) in Paris, France.

Listen to the Radio Libertaire (89.4-FM) online stream here.



Radius Episode 47.Fading Signals(Dead Air)

fading signals

Fading Signals (Dead Air) is the culmination of Mahoney’s scanning and recording airwaves, searching for elusive radio signals that had supposedly been rendered obsolete by digital transmissions. Late one night, while scanning, Mahoney made a single 13 minute recording using a 1956 National NC-88 shortwave receiver. This recording became the landscape out of which Fading Signals (Dead Air) evolves. Intuitively adding elements to enhance the original recording, Mahoney draws the listener into this sonic environment. His addition of subtle tones and melodies encourages the listener to create his or her own narrative to a story which, quite literally, appeared out of thin air.

Radius is an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA.

Attenuation Circuit – “Intersected” by Various Artists

INTERSECTED is a download-only compilation uniting long-standing attenuation circuit artists with newcomers. INTERSECTED is the eleventh issue in a continuing series of compilations aimed at presenting the broadest possible spectrum of experimental approaches to sound.

“With a smooth pace the first track dissolves into the work of artist D. Burke Mahoney. Instead of a singular tone this track starts with a low setting that evolves into a deep track with a certain mystery about it. The music flows as if our ears are muffled with seaweed while slow waves are reaching the shore. The waves roll in a comfortable way leaving enough space for a  layer of drowned ambient. There are muffled voices to be heard at the end. Did someone found a body ashore with seaweed sticking out of the ears?”

Yeah I Know It Sucks review of INTERSECTED


Attenuation Circuit – “Interposed” by Various Artists

interposedINTERPOSED is a download-only compilation uniting long-standing Attenuation Circuit artists with newcomers. INTERPOSED is the tenth issue in a continuing series of compilations aimed at presenting the broadest possible spectrum of experimental approaches to sound.

Attenuation Circuit is dedicated to fostering exchange between the small but thriving local experimental music scene in Augsburg, Germany and international experimental music artists.

The label’s catalogue includes artists as diverse as Artificial Memory Trace,
B°tong, Doc Wör Mirran, If, Bwana, Nocturnal Emissions, and PBK.


The Wire REVIEW – “Untitled”

Sept. Wire Review2GOOD

Fukushima Drones Compilation


I am very proud to have my track “1000 Years”(track 8) included in the Fukushima Drones compilation that is being put together by Aural Films.

“Fukushima Drones is a compilation of drone tracks contributed by artists from around the world. This community project is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support efforts coping with the Fukushima Diaichi nuclear disaster.”

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns and releases of radioactive materials at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, following the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and only the second disaster (along with Chernobyl) to measure Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. Read more at


Anti-Gravity Bunny REVIEW – LORAN-C


 Anti-Gravity Bunny

Radio Papesse “Süden Radio” August 26th to September 8th 2013.

My unreleased track “Wenn ich gen sueden schaue, sehe ich meine fuesse” has been selected for the Süden Radio festival and will be played at 12:30 PM on September 9th, 2013.

Süden Radio is an exhibition dedicated to Villa Romana, that will be held at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin from August 26th to September 8th 2013.


radio papesse schedule

PANTOPOMICON, programa del 04 de Agosto de 2013

Pantopomicon is a weekly internet radio show out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This week they featured a previously unreleased track of mine as well as a short interview.


Luego del segundo trailer, escucharemos una composición sonora que D Burke Mahoney ha cedido gentilmente para PANTOPOMICON… inusual para el programa, dado que dura casi 10 minutos, pero merece la pena, una bellísima e interesante composición!!!

He aquí unas palabras que el mismo ha escrito acerca de su arte:

“Me llamo D Burke Mahoney, vivo y trabajo actualmente en Toronto, Canadá. Me dedico a la composición musical hace 2 años. Tengo tendencia a crear lo que se suele considerar composiciones “oscuras”, sin embargo, la oscuridad o densidad en mis rabajos no es intencional. Las composiciones abstractas de pintores como Gerhardt Richter me sirven de inspiración, dado que incluyen tanto luz como oscuridad, lo que permite al observador interpretar la imagen de múltiples maneras. Se puede argumentar que sin luz no hay oscuridad, es decir, que quien escucha es realmente el que extrae la oscuridad y decide que es así como quiere interpretar la pieza. Creo que es una cuestión de contexto.En una pieza como “Battles of Faith” la temática es tan “extraña” que sin la densidad, la tensión y el drama, sería difícil tomarla en serio. Una vez que la escuchas con atención, piensas: “¡Wow! ¡Qué tal si el Vaticano en verdad hizo eso!” o “¡Ridículo! ¡Eso es una locura!”. Si hay que tomarla a modo satírico o seriamente, queda a criterio del que escucha. Mi opinión acerca de ello, llegado al caso, no tiene importancia y prefiero que así sea.”

Pantopomicon airs every Sunday at 10pm(Buenos Aires) – 3.00 am(Spain) –   10am (Japan) – 9.00pm(Canada)

Mondo Pantopomicon 


Weird Canada Review – Ataraxia II “Oneirataxia”


From the highest levels of druidic consciousness, D. Burke Mahoney delivers one of the most focused journeys through fog-ladened dronescapes and nether-harmonic tunage. Life-affirming/changing/destroying music.

From the deepening dream-cycles of JT Stephenson:

Ataraxia II: Oneirataxia is work of complete science-fiction: whether it lies beyond the exosphere or trapped inside a sleeping mind.

D.BurkeMahoney’s hypnotherapeutic drones lull ears to an awakened state of unconscious, hearing what can only be discovered in dreams. Gentle swells of inhalation, decorated only by the most subtle of sonic textures, create a wholly compelling album. Each piece blends into the next, resembling sleep-wake rhythms and deepening dream-cycles. Oneirataxia is a sleeping mind, suspended within the space-time continuum.




Fenomena Studio #012 Podcast


I met Stockholm’s Allison Chanic when she put out a call for tracks to be included on a podcast she was working on for London’s Fenomena Studio.

I didn’t really know what to expect when “My Land Is Quiet When You’re Gone, Shadows Remain Undone” was released but I was pleasantly surprised.

My piece “A Place I Forgot To Mention” begins around the 17:30 mark.


This is “A Place I Forgot To Mention” in its original form.



OSSO Radio Echoes “How to get lost and start listening”

EcosMy piece “Familiar Spirit” has been included in the RADIO ECHOES: “How to get lost and start listening” radio program out of Lisbon, Portugal.

“This radio project aims to investigate topographies and geographies, social and cultural narratives through poetic imagination, arising the possibility for a deeper commitment with the landscape, the architectural space and the community.”

The selected works will be broadcast and streamed by  between the 12th and 14th of July, 2013.

“How to get lost and start listening” is a part of ECOS 2013




Modern Fuel “Peripheral Visions” compilation

My piece “Fog of Industry” has been included in Modern Fuel’s “Peripheral Visions” compilation, which is a part of their Vapours music series.

HK06 for Subterranean Tide

D.BurkeMahoney-Haiku Image

“Each artist has contributed a three track release in increments of five minutes, seven minutes, and five minutes accompanied by a Haiku poem. Each song represents the line of the poem including title and reflection.”

-Subterranean Tide- REVIEW – ATARAXIA II “Oneirataxia”

MVRemix Review

Toronto-based experimental musician D. Burke Mahoney is the focus of this review. His project is named ‘Oneirataxia’. According to Mahoney, Oneirataxia is the inability to differentiate between dreams and reality. The sounds contained in this release exist in both places simultaneously

This music is very experimental, a type of ambient chaos, churning up from the nether regions of the universe, expanding as it ascends, and then emitting mass and light as it permeates the ether. The swirling sound masses imply something vague and archaic, the type of feeling a person gets when reading a Lovecraft novella pertaining to The Ancient Ones. ‘

This type of experimental sound collage can take a little time to coalesce in the ears and filter through a person’s consciousness, and when it does filter through, their is a realization of grandeur and beauty. This perception of beauty is something terrible to behold, awe inspiring, ancient, and life-changing. This sensation is especially apparent on track two, where long, drawn-out synth tones wash over one another, ensconced in an underpinning of amorphous din. If Messiaen recast The Ghost of the Eternal Church as ambient synth music, the effect would be somewhat similar.

The album itself plays like a giant piece of music broken into sections. Imagine a one-movement modern classical symphony, where the composer composed the music without breaks, but in such a way that separate movements could be implied if the conductor wanted to.

Overall, rhythm is the driving force here. The rhythms employed- broad, deliberate, temporal constructs- are responsible for the monolithic feel of this recording. It is the sweltering face of creation, passed through your ear canal.

Check out the article at


ping 2



ATARAXIA II “Oneirataxia”


Oneirataxia is the inability to differentiate between dreams and reality. It is a state in which abstract thoughts become concrete ideas”, says D. Burke Mahoney. “I became interested in this notion after having many years of strange experiences myself. After doing research and learning more about what happens, neurologically, on the edges of sleep; I decided to explore this further and incorporate some of these ideas into my compositions”.

Oneirataxia can be purchased from Telephone Explosion.

“Sleep Inertia”

“Sleep Inertia” from the album Oneirataxia is D. Burke Mahoneys first release on ATARAXIA. (

Sleep Inertia is a physiological state characterised by a decline in motor dexterity and a subjective feeling of grogginess immediately following an abrupt awakening.

The images in “Sleep Inertia” were inspired by the sensory phenomena that occur during the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states (the states of consciousness leading in and out of sleep): seemingly random speckles, lines or geometrical patterns, monochromatic or richly coloured shapes, still or moving, flat or three-dimensional. Individual images are typically fleeting and given to very rapid changes.

Oneirataxia is the inability to differentiate between dreams and reality. It is a state in which abstract thoughts become concrete ideas.

You can purchase Oneirataxia on cassette at Review – ATARAXIA II “Oneirataxia”

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.52.55 PM

One of the most interesting labels out there is definitely TELEPHONE EXPLOSION from Toronto, Canada. This label has delivered great outputs of bands like TEENANGERTY SEGALLHOLY COBRASHELLSHOVELDEMONS CLAWSand more. With this new release called ATARAXIA II the revisit the tape format. This one is limited to 100 copies and its all about experimental noise music. The title of this part II is called “Oneirataxia” and this mental cinema was done by D.Burke Mahoney. Its hard to describe how these soundsscapes actually sound like. Just listen for yourself. I always thought of the uncomfortable aftermath of a mass murder…

ATARAXIA II will be available on April 3rd but you can pre-order it now. Have a safe trip!

Check out the article at



LORAN-C Full Album

LORAN-C FRONTOn July 27, 1964 the 1350 foot tall LORAN-C tower at Nanortalik-Angissoq, Greenland collapsed as a result of the failure of an eyebolt.

These recordings are a memorial to the collapse of the Angissq LORAN-C tower.

This album was recorded live in the fall of 2012 in Toronto, Ontario.

LORAN-C is available as a free download.

ATTN:Magazine Review – “Untitled”



“Muller Hill” is like standing in the shadow of an ugly grey helicopter, with the sound of blades through chopped air forming an ominous backdrop to a bleak, monochrome blotch of melody. Apparently these sounds make atmospheric reference to Mahoney’s hometown of Lachine, Quebec. I’ve never been, but the sonic picture painted here is far from pretty; surfaces are beset with a muffled, crackly erosion while a cold echo rings out against abandoned structures of cold concrete; jagged edges, grey sludge.

“Rain II” lets a speck of beauty loose amongst the soundscape – a dancing loop of electronics, like a spinning music box made of light – but it becomes imposing and ragged over time, as if subsumed by environment in which it finds itself. Meanwhile, “Vapor” conceals a heartbeat beneath a tidal (and almost choral) surge of a solitary, beautiful chord, triumphant in its decay like one of Basinski’s Disintergration Loops. There’s the sense that a more vibrant history once radiated through these desolate landscapes; it’s still there, but in fragments, trampled as rubble underfoot and emerging as but a weathered echo in amongst the washed-out industrial ghost town.

Article by Jack Chuter

A Closer Listen Review – “Untitled”


Downtown decline is on the rise, with the state of the economy (or lack of) affecting seemingly everyone, everywhere. Ghost towns used to exist in the Wild West; nowadays, their prevalence is such that they can even be found lurking inside a cassette tape. Dripping with a dark malevolence, this cassette – released through Komino – could reflect the monolithic mask of past industrial stamina that now creaks like an old, worn-out skeleton. Once such a steel-strong, resilent force, remnants can only now exhale a corrosive breath. Lachine, Quebec, hasn’t escaped this; the proof is in the tape.

Corrosion has found a way into the tape experimentations of Darryl Burke Mahoney. Lachine (Mahoney’s home town) as well as Toronto (his current residence) can’t escape the darkest of dark synths and subtle experimental noise, breathing in the polluted smog of once-healthy areas that have been consumed by tape-fuelled, noxious atmospherics. In place of the smog-stained statues are invisible factories drenched in rainfall; just a gritty yard where it once stood, recently demolished. These drones on tape are unstable, looming over the tape like the sickly-coloured fog of the revolution. The music reflects more than ancient industry; as with all forms of drone, it goes much deeper than mere inches below the surface. This debut spells out what we already knew: rust is everywhere.

Read the rest HERE

Komino Records KMN010-001 “Untitled”




This release is available on limited edition cassette (100 copies with risograph printed artwork) or as a digital download.

Album can be streamed and purchased from the Komino Records website.

Komino Records

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