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Orthodontist Missouri

Do you wish your kids or yourself could have that straight and smooth smile all celebrities have? Well if you do, then you’re in luck. With today’s modern orthodontic treatments, perfect smiles are available to all. Whether you choose to go with invisalign or traditional braces, both options will ensure a quality and genuine smile.

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Education and Training Requirements

Is Orthodontics For You? Students who are looking into taking a career as an Orthodontist should study biology, chemistry, health, and mathematics in high school. Pre-dentistry students should complete at least 3 years of college, although a 4-year degree is advisable. They then must complete 4 years of dental school to earn a doctorate in Dental Surgery or Dental Medicine. Another two to three year program leading to a certificate or a master’s degree in Orthodontics is then required. They need to pass a licensing exam to be able to practice, and pursue continuing education to maintain their license.

Job Description

An Orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of dental malocclusions and anomalies of the oral cavity. Orthodontists design and administer corrective appliance like braces that gently moves patient’s teeth into proper alignment as well as study medical and dental histories of patients to determine the most suitable treatment plans.

The orthodontist job description is as follows:
  • Test the oral cavity anomalies as well as dental malocclusion and suggests the appropriate treatment for such conditions
  • Analyze dental photos and x-rays of their patients and develop the appropriate treatment plan
  • Fit and adjust dental devices on patients
  • Examine dental and medical histories of patients
  • Diagnose jaw and teeth abnormalities
  • Design and construct dental devices like space maintainers, lingual and labial arch wires and retainers
  • Teach patients on the right teeth-cleaning methods
  • Promote oral hygiene
  • Organize public health programs to educate people on what to eat and what not to eat

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